Yellow and Black Inflatable Wipeout Meltdown Mechanical Ride IM02 - Interactive Inflatables


Meltdown Mechanical Ride Advantage:

1. High quality PVC material and new style meltdown machine

2 .Customized logos and mats colors

3. Double and fourth stitching for the inflatables

4. High quality blowers and meltdown machine which have passed CE/UL certificate

5. Double packing bags for the inflatables, woven box for the machine

6. Multiple controlling models for the machine

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Yellow and Black Inflatable Wipeout Meltdown Mechanical Ride IM02
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Yellow and Black Inflatable Wipeout Meltdown Mechanical Ride IM02

  • Name:

    Inflatable Wipeout Meltdown
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  • Mat Material :

    High quality Plato PVC
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  • Logo:

    Can be printed on
  • OEM service:

  • Delivery time:

    5-15 working days
  • Repair Kits:

    Repair Material
  • Product description:

    Inflatable Wipeout Meltdown in multiple controlling models with high quality PVC mat

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Inflatable Wipeout Meltdown is our 8 player action game, which challenges your stamina, agility and reactions. This 8 Player Action Game is similar to the popular TV Inflatable Meltdown RideShow and keeps crowds excited. Not one but two spinning boom arms try to knock you off your podium. Either duck or jump over the two spinning beams or get wiped out! Who will be the last one standing?

The game is housed in a 6m x 6m octagon inflatable, with 8 removable podiums for your participants. The bright green contrasts beautifully with the black and yellow for a vivid toxic meltdown theme.

You are in control: there is a variable speed control on the console that increases or decreases the speed of the automatic program, making it as easy or difficult as you wish! Inflatable Meltdown is a fun game for the whole family.

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Inflatable meltdown comes complete with:

●  6m x 6m themed inflatable

●  Eight detachable foam podiums

●  The dual boom Meltdown attachment

●  The Low Profile spin motion base with spin motion

●  The control console has 1 pre-set automatic program, with a variable speed control

●  A CE/UL Air Blower

Package Details

1. Double packing bags for inflatables (PVC bag + extra woven bag).
2. Heavy duty carton for blowers.

3. Wooden packing for machine.

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